In August 2008, I took my grandma to Italy.  She is first generation American, and her parents are from Italy.  I thought it would be a great experience for us to go together.  This was her first major trip out of the country.  She was 83 at the time.

  • Next time I will suggest to visit also Venice, a wonderful city.

  • I’m traveling around Europe in a style similar to you but I have one companion. We are hoping to get to Italy in a few weeks, probably getting into Rome first and then who knows!

  • jasminewanders

    Have fun! A piece of my heart is still in Rome… what a sexy city ;)

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    Italy is beautiful! Your grandma must have really enjoyed it. The photos you posted are very interesting – have you been to other places in Italy? Basically every other city is full of tourist attractions…

  • jasminewanders

    No not yet… I hope one day I can return to Rome and live there for awhile, I love that city :)

  • Really nice pictures from Italy. Long time since I as there and I really whish I could go back soon.

    The picture of the Roman soldier and you at Colosseum was really nice :)

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    Most fascinating city in the world.
    The right place to spend holiday…

  • pete

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