Kuta, Bali

It’s crazy, it’s crowded, the roads are unbelievably narrow, the traffic is horrible… but I love it :)  It’s so easy to meet travelers and locals, and it was here that I learned the most about Bali through the mouths of its residents.  It’s kind of an intoxicating place, one which I will be drawn to again and again in this lifetime.

  • Thanks for sharing. And you mentioned about Hindu offerings. Can you tell me some more about that experience? I am waiting for your reply.

    Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Our first night in Bali was spent in Kuta. It is indeed crowded and not totally my scene but we enjoyed the time there. We walked down to the beach and enjoyed the most spectacular sunset ever! Can’t wait to get back this next year.

  • Anonymous

    I´m jealous… :)