Ubud, Bali

Ubud, in central Bali, is the cultural and spiritual center of the island.  Lots of expensive holistic new age things to do for bulehs (foreigners).  The expats aren’t the friendliest bunch though… they had a weird possessive vibe or something.  Just my opinion!  The rice terraces are gorgeous, and once you ride outside of the city center, you can find people bathing in canals outside of their houses, and they’re still surprised to see foreigners.

  • Ubud was my favorite city when in Bali. Monkey Forrest just got to me as it was the first time that i ever feed a monkey. Then the little bastard stole my sunglasses and ran around that place for 30min, with me trying to get them back. But the best thing i did was go a white water rafting (like a level 2 river) which was great because I just sit back and soaked it all in for 5hrs looking a new waterfall every 15min. We finished in the rice terrace and had lunch at the top. Man now you got me wanting to go back.

  • I love Bali and Ubud was my favorite location there. Your photos of the rice terraces really brought back some good memories. We stayed at this great little place (the name escapes me right now) and were woken in the middle of the night by a giant lizard crawling on the wall. Good times!! We’re heading back this next year.