Siem Reap

The highlight of Siem Reap was definitely the Temples of Angkor.  Aside from that, it’s a nice town with some other temples around other than Angkor, and another site of the Khmer Rouge horrors.

  • jasminewanders

    Hi Piter, your English is just fine :) Yes this blog is my hobby… I had hoped to make money from it somehow but that is far off from now :)

  • You are really bold enough to travel alone! I appreciate your courageousness. All your postings are also very nice. What is your upcoming project of traveling? We love to receive more postings from you.

  • I’m leaving Siem Reap tonight. It is an interesting place and I think you wouldn’t recognize it if you came back. It’s extremely touristy now, though the people here say it’s all happened in the past few years. Anyway, loved the guy taking a nap. I got some good napping pictures here as well – one dude even on his motorcycle while it was up on its kickstand. respect!

  • Haha I have to check out your napping pics!

  • They’re coming… :)