Month: December 2009


What does your family think?

People are constantly asking me how my family feels about my traveling for so long by myself.  In this post, I interview my grandma, my sister, and my parents to explore their feelings about this issue.


Miami to Guatemala for $2.50

Gotta love frequent flyer miles!  The cheapest flight I found other than this one was with Spirit Air from Fort Lauderdale for about $130.  The money I saved will buy me about a week in Guatemala


I’m on Squidoo!

I'm constantly looking for ways to promote my blog and to earn money online.  I recently came across Squidoo, a website that lets you create your one web page (or lens) for free, and they advertise on the site and you profit from it.  I've seen some positive reviews on forums from people saying they can make quite a bit on this site.  Does anybody reading this have