Enhance Your Travel Experience – Part 4

This is part 4 of my video blog series, Enhance Your Travel Experience. The 4th tip is to beware of the menu!

  • i have been a tatil on this summer its looks like same as you tell. Your blog is awsome for holiday frequenters ^^ thanks for sharing :)

  • I’m a vegan that’s been travelling for only a month so far, but I had a similar thing happen. The sign said it was a vegetarian restaurant and I ordered the ‘vegetarian burger’ and even successfully got them to skip the mayonnaise… the burger however turned out to be fish. I guess vegetarian means different things in different places. :\

    I’ve started carrying a stash of emergency food in my daypack to avoid the hunger pains and crankiness when I can’t find something I can eat. It’s worth the small extra weight.

  • jasminewanders

    That’s a good idea… I always try to carry some chocolate with my because if I’m too hungry I turn into a major Beeotch :)

  • Joe

    I just got into your blog. It makes me happy that you are doing what you are doing. Also, the first 3 tips were fine but using anecdotes is so much more interesting. I have had the same thing happen to me in Havana. It can be frustrating and amusing in the same instant. I am also vegan. One note, for some reason in Quito, I was astounded to find so many vegan restaurants. They used the term “nada de animal.” I will be down there soon. I wish you all the best.