Panajachel and San Pedro La Laguna

Tonight is my first night in San Pedro La Laguna.  I came over on a small lancha this afternoon.  As soon as I walked up the small hill, I met a guy who works in the tourism industry.  He brought me to a nice place that I’m staying in now with a hammock and beautiful views.  Then he started telling me about a Spanish school in the area and I told him that I wanted to live with a family.  It just so happens that he rents out a room in his house to students every so often, so I went with him to take a look at his house and the school.  He has two daughters who are too cute, a teenage son, and I think two more older kids but I didn’t meet them yet.  His wife was courteous but I think it will take her some time to warm up to me.

My teacher is Francisco and he teaches at Planeta Maya.  For 5 nights at the family’s house and 20 hours of lessons, I paid $120 which is about $4 over my daily budget per day, but I’m anxious to get some more Spanish knowledge and his house has hammocks too :)

I was so hungry after Chepe showed me around his house and the school so I went to the first restaurant I saw that has cheap food.  It’s called the Freedom Bar, and it reminded me of this bar in Sihanoukville, Cambodia where people might go to lose touch with reality.  The view was great, but I almost walked out because I ordered a burrito with only two other people in the place and it was taking forever… not that I’m usually impatient when it comes to eating in different countries, but I was so hungry that I felt like I was about to pass out, and when I get that hungry I get really mad hahaha.  But the burrito was humongous and it was so good, so it was (almost) worth the wait.

Panajachel was alright.  I stayed there 3 nights; the first night with a girl from Israel I met on the bus, and the last two nights in a new hospedaje called Zulema.  The family lived on the first floor and rented rooms on the second floor.  They were friendly and the mom was really smiley which I like.  I mostly wandered around, did some work, and sat by the lake a lot.  It did get a little boring after awhile, so I made a last-minute decision to head to San Pedro.  I didn’t intend on staying five days, but you never know what will happen so I’m happy with the way things are working out and I hope my Spanish lessons go well tomorrow.

PS – I will add some photos later, the internet connection is too slow to add them at the moment.

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