Getting Creative With Electrical Outlets

This is what happens when you buy your computer in Australia, then you need a huge converter for a Latin American plug, then you need to convert your 3 prong into 2 prong, and use it with a barely functioning outlet.

  • what happens is that you get an converter, a new computer or you resign from using your computer or from living in Latin America… And you write it in your blog ;)

  • Haha, these pictures remind me of my own experiences when travelling to the USA (I’m from Europe). We also used some converters to be able to use our electrical devices there – until we lost our converter in a motel near Lake Powell. ;-) Then we also had to use some amazing converters. :-)

  • jasminewanders

    Lol how true is that! My room did not catch on fire, it’s true, but my method eventually stopped working and I had to recharge elsewhere :)

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  • jasminewanders

    There’s a link at the very bottom of my site with the type of theme and a link to it :)