The Hammock Diaries: Life as a Short-Term Expat in Xela

In this video, I share a few random thoughts about traveling as a short-term expat vs. a backpacker and what my daily life is like in Quetzaltenango (Xela) where I’ve been living since March. All of it was recorded from my favorite hammock.

  • Wow.. great experience you have.. almost traveling at such an 24 age.. hey its truly an amazing adventure and loves to be alone with the nature and new spots.. I wish, I may do it sometime…

  • thinking…

    I watched your other videos after this one, and what I think is awesome about your journey is that your family wasn’t surprised when you told them you were up and leaving to travel.
    Do you go to the market every day instead of stocking up?

  • jasminewanders

    No my family wasn’t too surprised… I’ve made a lot of “interesting” choices in my life:)

    I go to the market probably 5 times a week. I have time during the day, so I prefer going several times a week instead of stocking up once a week like I did in the US. I find a waste a lot less food this way because I’m only buying food for one or two meals.

  • Watched your video and really enjoyed it!
    A truly nice and a bit funny one!

  • Valentina Bosack

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  • I’ve known a lot of people who travels at a young age. I think that is an interesting thing to do. Many people would want to do the same things you are doing. Aside from the fact that you need to have to be financially stable to support your travel, you also need the courage to survive to a new place.

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