I Like Fat Art | Medellin, Colombia

So I’m still in Medellín. I think I’ve been here about three weeks now in the same hostel. The thing about long-term, round-the-world travel is that, for me, it gets really tiring actively backpacking, changing cities every few days. So it’s nice to unpack sometimes. However, of late there have been some unfriendly girls visiting the hostel, which I don’t like. Because I feel like I live here, I feel a bit possessive of the place and so I really dislike when the people that visit the owners are unfriendly. That’s my glaring defect of the week :)

Botero Plaza Medellin Colombia Museo de Antioquia

Botero Plaza outside of the Museo de Antioquia

The other day I finally went to the Museo de Antioquia, which I pass all the time but have never gone in. It’s probably one of the coolest, most modern art galleries I’ve been to. They had a really awesome display on the first floor with hanging TV screens that showed different types of Latin dances along with the corresponding music, like merengue, salsa, tango, cumbia, all kinds. They highlighted the African, European, and indigenous influences on the music as well.

On the second floor, they had a collection of religious art, which I don’t really like. I think it’s too dark and the baby faces that look like old men creep me out. There was this guy working on the second floor who started following me around talking to me, pointing out art styles I didn’t like. Then he started pointing at different characters in paintings and telling me that it was him or his grandmother or whoever. Funny.

Botero sculpture Museo de Antioquia Medellin Colombia

Botero sculpture

After I escaped from the second floor, I found lots of sculptures and paintings by Fernando Botero, a super-famous Colombian artist from Medellin. His work is different in that all of his figures, including people, animals, even food, is fat. A couple of posts earlier, I talked about the Botero plaza with all the massive statues. I finally took a few photos from the upper levels of the museum. Some of his most notable paintings are the one of a fat Pablo Escobar being shot, and a few fat Jesuses too.

I wanted to take a break from the city for a couple days, so I went to Santa Fe de Antioquia. More about that next post…

  • Lee

    Bolero is a fantastic artist. I love that he represents people as they really are, instead of trying to idealize the human form through art.

    I look forward to reading more about your travels. How exciting!

  • michael

    Hey, I am an irish guy you may remember meeting in Guatemala through mutual friends (who you were living with at the time).

    Since we met I have been keeping an eye on your blog, and very much enjoy reading your articles. In this time, I have also moved to Medellin. I originally planned to stay for 2 months, and well its a long story but now I am going to be here for a year doing physics research.

    I have very rapidly fallen into a great group of friends, which is of course fantastic, but we tend to live our lives around the university with the occasional trip out to a nearby village to camp for the weekend. I am having a lot of fun doing this – but would also like to explore more of Medellin city itself. I have done almost no touristy things in the city and dont really know of much (and of course none of my friends who grew up here know of anything beyond the botanic garden and pueblo paisa!) Can you suggest a list of a few things to see?

    Hope you are well, and keep living the dream!

  • jasminewanders

    Cool man thanks so much! As far as touristy things to do in Medellin… I really enjoy walking around the center, so get off at San Antonio or Parque Berrio. Check out the Museo de Antioquia, it’s worth a look, and the plaza out front of course. You can also go to Santa Fe de Antioquia, it’s about an hour or so away which is awesome too. Poblado at night too, there’s plenty of tourists. I’m not really sure what else… there’s a huge rock with a restaurant on top a bus ride away but I don’t know the details LOL sorry :) I’m actually going back to Medellin in a couple weeks, hopefully to catch the Festival de las Flores, maybe I’ll see you around?

  • michael

    Thank you for your suggestions, I will be sure to get through them in my year in Medellin :). I have by chance seen the big rock on a camping trip a while a go (it is in Guatape, and I found it to be much more impressive than I had imagined from what I had heard before I got there – and the view from the top is unreal – 360 degrees of beautiful.)

    Right now I am out of the country – trying to arrange a few things for my year in Colombia. I wont be coming back for 5 weeks so I think I will miss you, and the famous Festival de las Flores too sadly. However – I could def put you in touch with some friends of mine there if you’d like to hang out with some of them when you are back in Medellin. They are really great people. Email me at mbev50@gmail.com if your keen, and I will send you a few names and contact details.

  • jasminewanders

    Bummer! Well I hope you get everything sorted, your upcoming year sounds like it will be heaps of fun :)