My Home In Colombia

It feels good to be “home” again. My home in Colombia, that is. When I find a place I like, or where I meet cool people, I feel like I leave a part of myself there. So far, there are parts of me in Bali, Melbourne, Rome, Trinidad, and Guatemala. And a little piece in Medellín. I feel comfortable here and I know the city fairly well. At the same time, this city does my head, so I think it’s best to limit my time here.

car show Medellin Colombia
a man on a scooter dressed as a religious leader in the midst of the car show... umm what?

Anyway, Medellín just had a huge festival called La Feria de las Flores. I certainly didn’t catch all of it, but I did watch part of the old car parade and the main parade on Sunday, which was awesome. I found a mediocre spot to watch the parade and waited there for a couple of hours. The parade started and one of the barricades that held the crowd back opened up a bit. People started rushing through the hole to get a better view. I hesitated, thinking do I give up my subpar location to chance a better one? Of course I do! I’m a natural rebel, so I made a run for it. The parade ended up passing on both sides of us, and my new position was prime. Unfortunately, my photos still aren’t great due to the location of the sun and the fact that my camera is slowly dying.

Feria de las Flores Medellin Colombia 2010
older woman carrying a massive flower display on her back

What’s most impressive about the parade is that there are old people carrying flower displays on their back that weigh up to 50 kilos! Some of them were even jogging with these massive things on their back. It seemed almost like a pilgrimage. Some of them were clearly suffering, completely hunched over with a look of painful strain on their faces.

On Friday night, I went out with one of my good friends here in Colombia and a huge group of Costa Rican students. It’s the first time I’ve been out in a big group of Spanish speakers in awhile. I noticed how much better my Spanish has gotten, because I was able to participate in all the conversations without feeling lost or confused. I feel like my experience traveling through Latin America is so much richer because of it, and it’s really exciting! Since this is just my second language, it’s been so fun to have relationships with people and start to think in another language. I’m exposed to so much more than the average person who sticks to English.

So I’ll be chillin in Medellín for awhile… I have to renew my visa for Colombia soon, because I’m totally obsessed with this country and can’t leave yet.

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