From Backpacker to Expat: Staying in Bogota

So as I mentioned in my last post, a few exciting things have been happening in my personal life. I know, it sounds very mysterious, and I’m still not quite ready to reveal it to the world. So for now I’ll say “due to unforeseen circumstances,” I have decided to make a home out of Bogota until my six months in Colombia are up. I had been planning to choose a location to stay longer term here in Colombia, but I was thinking about pueblos. I had no idea I would be living in the cold capital city.

The first time I came to Bogota was about two months ago as a backpacker. As soon as I arrived, I knew that this was a city that needs time and local knowledge to even begin to know it. Now I have both, so I’m excited to be exploring this sprawling metropolis of over 8 million people.

I’ve already stumbled upon a handful of cool, secret spots that I would never have seen otherwise. My first night here, I went to a vegetarian restaurant called La Revolución Cuchara, or the Spoon Revolution, which is a well-known international vegetarian organization. The restaurant was set up Asian style with tables on the ground and pillows for seats. The best part was the Hare Krishnas preparing it. I love Hare Krishna food, and if you have never tried it, you should. Something about the way they prepare the food feeds the stomach and the soul. Expect an interview with them soon, My Colombia, Their Colombia style.

Bogota is also home to all kinds of progressive movements, deep thinkers, and events combining the two. Today I’ll be attending a festival on healthy, vegetarian food, yoga, dance performances, guided meditation, alternative therapies, and topics along these lines. I think I could get used to this…

So the cold is a bit extreme, and it is a big city, which has its pros and cons. One good thing about Bogota is that it’s close to a handful of pueblos and regions I’ve been wanting to explore, so expect more pueblo updates soon! I’ll be documenting my search for an apartment, finding ways to keep myself busy, and my efforts to get to know this city and morph from backpacker into expat.

Did I mention Bogota is a total circus? Here’s photo proof:

La Septima Bogota Colombia funny travel photos
a donkey eating out of the garbage on one of Bogota's busiest streets, La Septima

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