Losing Time In Salento

I’m a bit behind on my blog these days… a few exciting things have been happening for me lately and I haven’t made much time to write like I normally do. I spent an amazing week in Salento, which is the most well-known pueblo in Colombia. What makes it different from other pueblos is that a number of artesanias have migrated here to cater for the tourists and enjoy small-town life. That means there are more younger people here than you’ll find in other pueblos, where the they go to the nearest big city to study or work.

Salento Colombia

One of the must-sees is the Valle de Cocora on the outskirts of Salento. It’s a nature reserve filled with a beautiful river and excessively tall palm trees. I’m not gonna lie – it was a hard day. Walking and climbing for six hours was definitely difficult. Luckily, the great group of people I went with were patient enough to wait for me when I needed a break. The altitude is harder for me than others, being from a place that is completely flat. Pero vale la pena! – It was worth it!

Salento Valle de Cocora Colombia

Salento Valle de Cocora Colombia

Salento Valle de Cocora Colombia
Valle de Cocora Salento Colombia

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