Reggae in the Salsa Capital of the World

Cali. Most foreigners head here to take salsa lessons and practice their new skills at one of a million salsa bars here. That had been my original intention too. I love to dance, and I feel a bit embarrassed that after 7 months in Latin America, my salsa moves are still subpar.

However, I ended up heading to Cali for a free two-day reggae/ska festival at the Teatro al Aire Libre in Los Cristales called Festival del Pacifico Busca Tu Norte Levante Y Lucha 4to Encuentro De Paz. Heading there after Salento was a bit of a jarring experience – going from strolling through a sleepy pueblo saying “Buenos dias” to cowboys to the fast pace of a big city, sidestepping crackheads after the sun sets.

reggae festival Cali Colombia
one of my favorite bands of the festival

On the second day before the concert started, a few b-boys performed while a DJ provided the background music.

break dancers b-boys Cali Colombia

break dancers b-boys Cali Colombia

Interested in watching a Colombian mosh pit? This video is seriously entertaining.

Salsa lessons are still on the agenda… just looks like I’ll be taking them in Bogota instead of Cali.

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