Bogota Vegetarian Picks of the Week #2

It’s that time again folks! I’ve been busy treating my taste buds to delicious vegetarian delicacies across this massive metropolis. Here are my top vegetarian restaurants in Bogota for this week.

Loto Azul: Carrera 5A #14-00, La Candelaria

Loto Azul vegetarian restaurant in Bogota Colombia

spinach and mushroom lasagna at Loto Azul

This Hare Krishna restaurant offers a set menu for about $4 USD, or you can pick something off the menu. I like the vegetarian lasagna, accompanied with a slice of pan integral and an unsweetened juice, for just under $3 USD. This restaurant also has cooking courses, eco retreats, and yoga classes. This place is always packed during lunch, so head upstairs if all the tables are full.

Quinua y Amaranto: Calle 11 #2-95, La Candelaria

empanadas vegetarianas Quinua y Amaranto La Candelaria Bogota Colombia

vegetarian empanada from Quinua y Amaranto

Though their set menu lunches are a bit too rich for my budget at 10,000 pesos a pop ($5 USD), their empanadas offer an economical choice. They cost 4,000 pesos each ($2 USD) and come in two varieties: vegetables and quinoa.

Nuevo Horizonte: Calle 20 #6-35, Centro

Nuevo Horizonte vegetarian restaurant Bogota Colombia

massive set menu lunch at Nuevo Horizonte

Are you starving? Head to Nuevo Horizonte for one of the biggest almuerzos you’ll find. A pea-and-carrot curry type of dish, rice, lasagna, soup, juice, and a salad will set you back 6,00 pesos, or about $3 USD. Hare Krishna!

  • Dave
    March 5, 2011

    My wife, baby boy, and I are going to be moving to Bogota soon (from SF Bay Area) and I stumbled upon your blog in my search for all things Bogota and vegetarian related. I’m juiced reading about the various vegetarian restaurants you have sampled. I love Hare Krishna food too. Great blog, fun adventures.

  • Jasmine Stephenson
    March 5, 2011

    Hi Dave,

    You guys won’t be disappointed as vegetarians in Bogota. I’m still surprised at how many veg options there are in the city. There is a Hare Krishna temple in Silvia, which is about an hour outside of Bogota too. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about Bogota :)

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