When One Becomes Two: Finding Love on the Road

Love by Shanissinha_, on Flickr
Love by Shanissinha_, on Flickr

Writing a post about love is completely foreign to me. It’s akin to authoring an article on “How To Reduce the Size of Your Man Breasts” or “Choosing the Best Gucci Purse For Your Jimmy Choos.”

At 25 years of age, I’ve yet to have a serious, monogamous, long-term relationship.

However, the only constant that we can rely on in this crazy world of ours is change. And things have changed.

Though it embarrasses me slightly to write this post, I pride myself in maintaining an honest, transparent, only slightly exaggerated blog. So I’m ready to share a secret with you guys – I’ve found love on the road.

How We Met

I arrived in Salento from Manizales feeling depressed, disconnected, and isolated from the world. In fact, I was seriously considering life as a hermit – F the blog and people in general – I just wanted to shut down. I made a beeline for the campo with tentative plans to scope out the perfect spot for a semi-permanent isolation in which I could skip showers and pretend I knew how to grow avocados.

At my hostel, two Colombian guests roped me into conversation. One was trying to spit game like the protagonist in a 90s hip hop movie while the other was happily ignoring me, more interested in a documentary on the Buena Vista Social Club. As the day progressed and the conversation flowed between the three of us, it quickly became apparent that me and my previous unadmirerer had more in common than we could ever have imagined.

Over the next few days we were inseparable, save the occasional bathroom break. I knew I had to go to Bogot√° with him to see where things would go.

A Bit About Him

in Mongui

His name is Giovanny. He’s a non-drinking vegetarian (like me). He is a Rasta and the extremely talented drummer of a reggae band. He wholeheartedly lives by spiritual principles and treats everyone like a long-lost brother, from strangers to toothless indigentes. He emits a positive energy that is detectable even by people not normally attuned to such a thing. He’s perfect for me.

So What Now?

I’ve been in Colombia for my allotted six months, so immigration is forcing me to leave until next year. I’m heading to Ecuador. And he’s coming with me.

I’m still a nomad. I still have the unconquerable urge to explore the rest of South America, India, Africa – my list is endless. I also love Colombia, and a Colombian, so it’s definitely an option to come back next year.

For now, I’m looking forward to wearing hippie skirts, coaxing my suntan out from hibernation, and writing brilliant and creative articles while watching the sun set on the ocean every day. My life is awesome.

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