Goodbye, Dream Beach House

Two inviting hammocks sway on a breezy deck on the second floor. My room is massive, big enough to do cartwheels. Green vegetation peers into the huge windows. Set just three short blocks from the beach of Manglaralto, I hear the waves crashing against the rocks at night.

One of my roommates has a violin, an instrument I´ve been longing to play since Guatemala. The two resident dogs are a bit stinky, but loveable nonetheless.

Did I mention the room only costs $120/month – between 2 people? Why would I want to leave?

But after just one short week, I am leaving. Since I´m now traveling with a companion, my erratic decision making posse has doubled in size. This time, he feels the pull of the road before I do, so we´re heading north.

dogs Montanita

puppy love

I´m okay with that. The Montañita scene has started to get to my head, to tell the truth. There are only so many days I can spend in a beach party town without going a little crazy.

But I can´t say I won´t miss the house. The next time I find myself in a windowless, overpriced hotel room, I´ll close my eyes and transport myself to the hammocks on the breezy deck of Manglaralto.

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  • I stumbled upon your blog while researching for my future one-year trip to Central/South America. Loved all your funny stories and you kept me wanting for more.

    I am a Taiwanese doctor, who loves to travel, a “drinking” vegetarian and I own a blog titled “DrFWanders” at wordpress… (This starts getting creepy)

    Anyways, I hope you continue writing and traveling, because you are a great inspiration for all aspiring RTW travelers. Kudos, and have fun!

  • Thanks for visiting Dr. Frankie! Look forward to keeping up with your adventures :)

  • I live in a beautiful beach town in the States, California to be exact. We live just 3 short blocks from the beach, away from the constant partying but not always far enough. As I find myself longing to move away, there is just nothing like it.

    So in short, I know how you feel. Maybe someday soon I will get back to the city.

    Love your travels :)

  • Seems like you had a good time when you were there but I know what you mean about beach party towns. You can only stay there for so long!

  • Some of us are just die-hard beach bums :)