A Change of Plans: When Islands Talk

Doubles. Vegetable roti. Curries. Peardrax.

No, this isn’t a word association game. It’s just some of the things that I’ve been fantasizing about since I left Trinidad & Tobago in late February 2010, after dancing around in sparkly bikinis for 48 hours straight with my sister in downtown Port of Spain.

T&T Carnival
just a regular day in the neighborhood... on Carnival Tuesday

Latin America in general and Colombia specifically has been awesome. I’ve learned a lot over the 14 months I’ve been in the region. But Trinidad, the island that holds half of my family, has been beckoning me to return.

My Caribbean holidays fantasy is becoming a reality on June 21st, when I’ll be flying to Trinidad from Bogotá to spend three amazing weeks at one of my global home bases. My little sister may even join me for a week (though this time we won’t be dancing around in sequined lingerie).

Trinidad beaches
one of my favorite beaches in the world

While it’s nice to be an expat for a minute and not have to think about long-haul buses, currency exchanges, and hostel bathroom cleanliness, being still for long periods of time just isn’t natural for me. I’ve been lacking the daily stimulation that comes from the new smells, sights, and sounds that a nomad becomes accustomed too. I’m looking to the island pair to inspire me.

My trip will be about more than lying on palm-fringed beaches sucking coconut milk from a pink straw. I’ll also be hanging out with my family, digging for stories, and eating… A LOT. I’ll be showing you where the locals hang out, how to save money, and where to find the best West Indian food.

I’m so ready for this vacation.

As for Colombia… yes, I will be returning to her. Probably. How could I not? I bought a round-trip ticket (something I rarely do).

But then again, maybe I won’t. I could change my mind. I’m impulsive/indecisive like that. But I promise I’ll keep you updated.

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