Where To Get Your Serenity Fix In Bogotá

Noise pollution sucks.

As much as the city is starting to grow on me (especially when the weather’s nice), the lack of silence drains my energy completely. Eight million people + 1 million cars, buses, taxis, and motorbikes all in one city is not exactly a recipe for serenity.

Luckily, Bogotá has tons of green spaces which I take advantage of to maintain my sanity. One of my favorites is called Parque de los Novios, a truly serene spot that makes me feel like I’m in an incredibly well-groomed nature reserve.

Bogota pictures

Parque de los Novios, or Couples Park, attracts companions young and old. I can’t lie, it’s a pretty romantic place.

Bogota pictures

Humans aren’t the only ones seeking respite here. The park is home to different varieties of ducks and birds. Some even pose for pictures, like this handsome guy with the crusty gunk on his lip.

Bogota pictures

Now you have photographic evidence that I’m not just a vegetarian, but a tree hugger too.

Bogota pictures

On a clear day, the view of the mountains to the east of the city is perfect.

Bogota pictures

The park rents out paddle boats by the half hour or hour if you want to explore the lake or make out with your boyfriend/girlfriend in privacy.

Info: Parque de los Novis is on Carrera 45 and Calle 63, near the Simon Bolivar Transmilenio stop. Entry is free.

  • The Father

    Beautiful photos of the park in Bogota Jas.

  • Thanks! I really love my new camera, it’s like magic. I wonder what will happen when I step up to a fully professional one…

  • Dave in Belize

    I agree…. very nice shots!

  • Ed

    I stumbled upon that park when I was trying to find Parque Simon Bolivar. I think I even took a photo of the same bird!

  • The park looks beautiful! I’ll make sure to check it out when I get to Colombia. :-)

  • thanks Dave! Nice to see you around these parts again :)

  • Now I’m jealous, I thought he was just posing for me! :)

  • It’s such a great place to relax, especially when the weather is nice.

  • That’s one funny looking duck-bird thing… :)

  • Anonymous

    Hola Jasmine! I arrived in Bogota (at the start of a massive S.A. trip) a week ago and just visited this park today, solely because of this blog entry. Thanks for the suggestion – I enjoyed the park! And I saw the same bird also! He got tired and went to sleep in front of me. :)  I will continue to use your blog as a guide to the good sites of mutual countries I visit.

  • Great Aaron! I’m glad you enjoyed it :)