And My Next Destination Is…

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been poring over maps for hours on end, researching cost of living until my eyes burned, and sending out annoying tweets like, “Anyone live in Barcelona?” “Anyone out there in Uruguay?” “Do I know anyone in Berlin?” I even put a poll on my Facebook page asking my fans where they thought I should go.

I shouldn’t complain really. Here I am, wandering around the world for over three years now, and my biggest problem is where the hell I should go next.

After torturous weeks of indecision, I finally chose. I’ll be heading to Mexico again in less than two weeks.

Zapatista graffiti

graffiti in San Cristobal de las Casas

Why I picked Mexico

Transportation – Trinidad is not exactly a hub for any major international airline, and it’s pretty expensive to get anywhere outside of the Caribbean. If I decided to go to South America or Europe, I was looking at a $1000+ flight. Mexico was one of the few places I wanted to go that had cheap international flights.

Cost of Living – July has been an amazing month for me as far as income goes. One of my niche sites, the South America Tourist, was blessed by the Google gods with a page rank of 4. I was able to triple my earnings this month, so I have more disposable income now than I’ve ever had. However, I like being financially comfortable and didn’t want to go somewhere expensive and blow my budget. I chose Mexico because the cost of living is very reasonable and I’ll still be able to save money so that I can head to Patagonia for their summer and Europe in the spring.

Culture – I got a small taste of Mexico last year, and I was impressed. I realized that Mexico holds a lot of secrets – and I want to uncover them. Unfortunately, my “taste” of Mexico also included a pretty nasty bout of food poisoning, and I was out of service for most of my time there. No more spinach empanadas for me.

Beaches – When I was watching the turtles lay their eggs a few weeks ago, I was reminded how much I love the beach. It’s the only place that I’m truly able to get some peace and quiet in my brain and put things into perspective. Mexico has a ton of beaches, from Spring Break epicenters to completely abandoned ones. I hope my laptop doesn’t get sunburned :)

I Heart Latin America – It wasn’t until I left Colombia that I really understood how much Latin America has gotten to me. The language, the hospitality, the gritiness, the spirit of the people, the sabor. I can’t get enough of this region.

I can’t wait to dig a little deeper into this huge country I know very little about – and share it with you guys, of course.

Have you been to Mexico? What’s your favorite spot? Share your comments here.

  • I’ve never been to Mexico believe it or not!  I am sure I will get there one day.  For you, you are going to spend the rest of your life traveling right?  So you will have plenty of time to get to those other places!  Have fun! :)

  • Great minds think alike. I am headed there on August 10th for a month or so in Mexico City. Let me know when you make it there.

  • Have fun and I can’t wait for updates!

  • Cool, I’m almost sure I’ll pass through Mexico City in that time – I’ll hit you up for sure.

  • We always seem to explore places farther rather than closer… like I’ve hardly seen any of the US or Canada. Yes I’m traveling for the long haul, so luckily I have no “be home by” date :)

  • thanks Bob :)

  • Ed

    I love Mexico!  Spent 4 months there in 2008, mostly in Guantajuato and Oaxaca.  If you’re looking for great food and culture, then you can’t go wrong with Oaxaca.  I also recommend Queretaro.  The center of town is a UNESCO world heritage site, it’s an hour from Mexico and there are no gringos!

  • You’re coming to Mexico in 2 weeks! I’m leaving in 2 weeks :( Boo to bad timing. I’ve been here for 5 weeks and I love it here. I will be back for sure. Good luck with your travels.

  • Cool, thanks Ed! I’m definitely planning on exploring Oaxaca too.

  • Too bad James, maybe next time :)

  • Jenna

    I tell ya what, the people of Mexico make me love Mexico without having spent much time there at all. So friendly, hospitable, and inclusive. Great senses of humor, everyone! No matter where they’re from. Beautiful culture. Good luck in Mexico!

  • Awesome Jenna, that sounds like my kind of people :)