Sunday Wanderings: Graffiti & Hip-Hop Festival in Oaxaca

Welcome to my Sunday wanderings series!

Last Sunday, I entertained you with tales of an amazing park filled with old ladies jiggling around in spandex.

This Sunday, I was overcome with another urge to check out the city on its most tranquilo day and snap photos.

By accident, I found a hip-hop and graffiti event. Nice one.

Oaxaca graffiti

I wasn’t really feeling the hip hop that I heard (sorry guys), but I loved the event because I have never seen so many graffiti artists working at the same time.

Oaxaca graffiti

I haven’t spotted much graffiti around the city, not like in Bogota or one of its universities, La Nacho. It was cool to see an event that brought the city’s street artists together.

Oaxaca graffiti

This poor guy finally got fed up with my paparazzi moves and decided to pose so I would go away.

Oaxaca street art

Oaxaca street art

My two favorite of the day:

graffiti en Oaxaca

Oaxaca graffiti

What’s the coolest event you’ve found by accident? Share your thoughts here.



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