Wandering Sundays: Exploring Markets & Parks in La Condesa & Roma Norte (in Photos)

Wandering Sundays: Exploring Markets & Parks in La Condesa & Roma Norte (in Photos)

Sundays are meant to be rest days. I probably should have rested, because after three weeks in Tampa (a drive-only city), walking so many blocks in Mexico City every day is kicking my ass.

But I didn’t. Sunday is my favorite day to wander around cities because everyone is laid back, there are less people out and about, and there are usually cool things going on.

My first stop was Plaza Rio de Janeiro in Roma Norte where Durango meets Orizaba. Tents were set up housing funky clothes and handmade bags and hats reminiscent of my favorite flea market in Bogota. Along one branch of the shady park, an assortment of stalls sold organic fruits, veggies, and some homemade food products.

Plaza Rio de Janeiro Roma Mexico City

Then I popped into Mercado Medellin, a crowded indoor market where I gravitated towards two side-by-side stands selling Colombian products (!). Knowing that I can get my Colombian coffee fix whenever I want makes Mexico City that much better.

Mercado Medellin Mexico City

Then it was on to Parque Mexico, a big park in the middle of Condesa. It was packed with dog owners, young families, and cool-looking 20-somethings from the neighborhood.

Parque Mexico Condesa

In the middle of the park is a cement amphitheater which was hosting an international food festival with vendors from India, Greece, Cuba, and Lebanon.

Parque Mexico Condesa
Parque Mexico Condesa

I got there just in time to check out a belly dancing performance by a group of four women in wispy, ethereal costumes that mesmerized the crowd.

belly dancer Parque Mexico Condesa

belly dancer 2 Parque Mexico Condesa

I can’t lie – Condesa is seriously growing on me. These two neighborhoods make me want to rent a huge apartment with a view, fill it with trendy furniture and strange things I get at flea markets, adopt a dog from the pound, and stay here until my mid-30s. For real.

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