Day of the Dead Images: Coyoacán, Mexico City

Situated across from San Angel on the other side of Insurgentes, Coyoacán is one of the better-known neighborhoods in Mexico City.  Whether its fame is due to its status as the former home of one of Latin America’s greatest female artists, Frida Kahlo, or because it’s absolutely stunning, its reputation is completely deserved.

I made it down there to check out the Day of the Dead ofrendas spread throughout the neighborhood. The only thing I regret? Not bring spare batteries for my camera.

This is part of a larger display set up at the edge of Hidalgo Plaza created by a funeral home. Inside of the brightly painted, open-faced dollhouse were skeleton families, dogs, and miniature food samples.

This is the only one-dimensional ofrenda I saw, created with paint and flower petals in front of Allende Park.

Day of the Dead images - floor skeleton

Under a covered area near the Hidalgo plaza, skeleton figures posed in impossible positions, acting out kid’s games like “wheelbarrow”.

Day of the Dead images: Skeleton Games

Day of the Dead images: flower spiral

The Frida Kahlo Museum was decked out with an altar dedicated to her and featured her husband Diego Rivera as well.

Day of the Dead images: Frida Kahlo ofrenda

Day of the Dead images: Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

This set, created by local handicraft makers, was based in the Centenario Park.

Day of the Dead images: 3 Heads

Even though most of these were created for the public’s enjoyment, many of them had personal dedications as well.

Day of the Dead images: Centenario Park

Day of the Dead images: photo of loved one

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  • Kevin Ranther
    November 19, 2011

    The day of the dead
    is being commemorated in here in very artistic ways which makes the affair
    really interesting and one-of-a-kind. This also shows how truly talented and
    creative Mexicans are. Very impressive!

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