Mexico City’s Anthropology Museum Offers Bucktoothed Gods And A Giant Penis

So as not to torture you with suspense, I’ll lead with the deity with no dentist and the colossal phallus.

Anthropology Museum Mexico City - Dios del AguaThis is Tlaloc. He is the god of water. There were no gods of teeth in his day.

Anthropology Museum giant penisThis is a giant penis. It was created by the Huaxteca people in a town called Yahualica. They are sometimes referred to as a phallic cult. This particular unit was used in ceremonies.

cave painting Anthropology Museum

Aside from these most memorable pieces, the Anthropology Museum contains a dizzying amount of sculptures, paintings, replicas, artifacts, and pieces of jewelry. The museum was so impressively large with so many pieces from so many cultures that I lacked the stamina to get through them all.

My eyes began to cross. My legs gave out. My camera batteries died.

A proper visit to the museum requires preparation. A month before your planned visit, starting a rigorous routine of early morning runs, protein shakes, push-ups, and maybe an intravenous coffee boost the day of might help.

Anthropology Museum outside piece

Instead, I’ll have to visit the museum at least twice more to see everything. Hopefully next time I can absorb more than the god with the unfortunate grill and the ginormous phallus.

  • Have you ever visited the Larco Museum in Lima? It has a whole gallery dedicated to erotic Moche pottery. Definitely something memorable, haha!

  • Hey Naomi, I haven’t been to Lima, but I’ll have to check out that museum if I ever head out there :)

  • Hi Laura! I’ll be around for about another month :)