Is Medellin A City For Boys Only?

When people talk about Medellin, what does the topic of conversation center around?

You’ll probably hear about girls that look like supermodels, their fake boobs, or their fake butts. You might also hear about the weather.

What you won’t hear about is how many cool, young female expats there are here.


Because there aren’t a lot (that I know of).

medellin expats
Can you spot me?

I have met a few foreign women who live here, but they are usually doing a semester abroad, are volunteering, or are married to a Colombian. But the ones who are here just because it seems like the place to be?

In fact, when I first meet the other expats living here (all boys) they sometimes say to me, “You’re the only foreigner I’ve met here who…”

“Has a vagina?” I reply.

“Yeah…” they say.

“Yeah…” I say.

If you were to ask me why I like Medellin so much, what’s in it for me, I have trouble finding the words. There are a lot of little things I like about the city but none of them pinpoint what it is EXACTLY that I like.

Upon arrival, a tourist is likely to be underwhelmed by the typical tourist attractions found here. You can take pictures with the fat Botero sculptures and go to the museum. You can take the metrocable up to Santo Domingo and take some pretty photos of the city’s skyline. If you didn’t have time to go to a real pueblo, you might jet up to Pueblito Paisa.

After that? I’m not really sure what you’d do. If you didn’t lose yourself in the nightlife, you’d probably go somewhere else after a few days.

For living, however, Medellin is a great city. It’s easy to get around (the metro is efficient and taxis are pretty cheap and abundant). There are lots of restaurant and bar options in different parts of the city. The nightlife is super fun – one of the most fun cities I’ve lived in.

One of the best parts of the city is the people, the Paisas. Maybe I have watched too many telenovelas or eaten too many arepas, but I am a super fan of Paisas and on most days, wish I was one.

You can also get a lot of different experiences here. You can posh it up in Poblado and rent a flashy apartment on the 24th floor, or you can go for a more traditional vibe in Envigado or Sabaneta and live on $500 a month.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and can’t afford cities like New York or Melbourne, you will love Medellin. There are lots of young people here starting businesses and doing their digital nomad thing like me.

And to my ladies… I will be straight with you. Yes, it’s true that there are a lot of supermodel-caliber girls walking around with air-filled butts and boobs, but there are also a lot of normal girls here too. And as far as I’ve seen, the normal girls are able to find guys to date and be with too.

In fact, if you come here with your blond hair or your light-colored eyes, you’ll be a bit of a novelty and might even be considered exotic. (I, on the other hand, have no such advantage as I look Colombian).

And if you are into Latinos, you won’t be disappointed. I’m quite partial to the selection that Colombia offers.

Ladies – have I convinced you to move here yet?

Have you been to Medellin? Why do you think there are so few female foreigners living here? PS – If the comments run in to the footer, try to refresh the page.

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