Is Roomorama Better than a Hotel Room?

Is Roomorama Better than a Hotel Room?

According to, the average cost of a hotel room in New York City in 2011 was $277.

NYC has the reputation of being one of the most expensive cities in the world. When I decided to tack a few days on to the business trip I took to New York last weekend, I knew that if I stayed in a hotel, I’d have to shell out some serious cash.

Even though I’m not the hardcore backpacker I used to be, I certainly wasn’t willing to blow $800+ for a three-day trip!

To solve this dilemma, a lot of people look to couch surfing and subject themselves to sleeping in random people’s living rooms. While this sounds interesting and adventurous in theory, for my personality type it’s a cringe-worthy option. I need lots of alone time, and since it was a business trip I also needed a quiet place to work and to prepare for my meeting.

That’s why I decided to use Roomorama for my New York trip.


What is Roomorama?

Roomorama is a service that gives tourists an alternative to impersonal hotel rooms or overcrowded hostels. Instead. this website allows you to book accommodation in local people’s properties. You can choose from renting a whole apartment or house to yourself or sharing with others who live there to get a “roommate” experience.

The best part is that the places you find on the site are normally cheaper than any hotel in the same area. For example, the hotel around the corner from the apartment I rented – just blocks from the Empire State Building and Madison Square Park – starts at $491 per night! I paid much less for the same prime real estate that this hotel occupies.


Compared to staying in a hotel or hostel, the benefits of using Roomorama include:

  • Access to a kitchen
  • Own private space
  • Choose a shared space and hang out with people who live in the city
  • Cheaper than a hotel
  • Read reviews from guests who have stayed in the past
  • See photos before you stay
  • Financially support local community as opposed to giant hotel chain
  • Filter options by budget, amenities, and neighborhood
  • Get discounts on monthly rentals

Best for people who…

  • Are traveling with a family/group
  • Prefer their own space
  • Want a local experience
  • Like peace and quiet
  • Want to meet locals
  • Don’t need help with itinerary planning
  • Are independent travelers
  • Have a smaller budget
  • Like to cook for themselves
  • Don’t like having maids enter their rooms
  • Don’t want to feel like a tourist

Overall, my experience renting with Roomorama was excellent. The apartment I chose was fairly priced, had an awesome location, and was well appointed. The site is easy to use and there are tons of options available. I would recommend it to almost any type of traveler and will be using it again in the future.

Have you used Roomorama before or are you planning to use it in the future? How was your experience?

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