Introducing My New Project: The #1 Source for Nightlife in Medellin

Introducing My New Project: The #1 Source for Nightlife in Medellin

The time has finally come for my big reveal.

A couple of friends and I have been working hard on a big project that will connect visitors and locals with the best that Medellin nightlife has to offer.

Co-founders of Medellin Nightlife Dwayne & Jasmine

Co-Founders Dwayne & Jasmine at the last chiva party

See, it’s not always easy to figure out what to do and where to go in Colombia. Many companies don’t have an internet presence here. For someone new to town or passing through, their knowledge of the city’s entertainment is limited to guide books and maybe some recommendations on TripAdvisor or the Thorntree forum.

And Medellin is such a fun city. There are so many neighborhoods to go out in and new clubs and bars to try, but without living here, it’s hard to get the inside scoop.

That’s why we created¬† Not only are we providing reviews of the best bars and clubs to go to, but we’re throwing chiva parties, themed events, club nights, and anything else you can think of to enjoy the city the same way we do.

Joel Duncan, Co-Founder of

I’m really excited about this project and I see a lot of potential for our new business. I would love for you guys to help support us by checking out the website, giving us your thumbs up on our Facebook page, and following us on Twitter.

And now you know that the next time you pass through Medellin, we’ve got you covered!

Questions? Comments? Feel free to leave a message in the comment box below.

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