A Letter To My Readers

Dear Readers,

After five and a half years of traveling and living overseas, I’ve had enough.

I’ve been hiding it for a long time. But I don’t want to hide anymore.

Traveling sucks.

I have decided to move back to the United States.

I’m looking forward to shopping at Wal-mart, eating at McDonald’s, and spending hours in front of the television watching reality TV.

But don’t worry, I’m going to blog about it.

My new blog can be found at jasminewillneverwanderagain.com.

april fools day

[medium_header]April Fool’s![/medium_header]

From those of you from a non-fooling culture, this post was a big fat lie. I’m not actually moving back to the US (though I am guilty of watching reality TV sometimes). Check out more about April Fools’ Day on Wikipedia.

[I’d also like to apologize for the obnoxious collage in this post.]

  • BAHAHAHHAAAAA! I totally beleived everything until i saw “Walmart” …

  • But I love Wal-mart… #notsomuch lol

  • You scared me so badly with this post! I thought “Who will show me the veggie friendly places when I get to Medellin?!”

  • Andrew Scott

    EWWW!!! Eating at McDonalds? Give me one of those oily,greasy Bogota empanadas soaked in animal fat instead…#somuchcrappyfoodinstomachs lol

  • I wonder if you’re also watching Rupaul’s Drag Race :))

  • Haha no…

  • This should be done on December 28 = Colombian April fool day = día de lo inocentes haha….

  • Jasmine, I’m just reading this and you really fooled me. I should have known when you spoke about Walmart. You are truly funny!