About Me

Hello! I’m Jasmine Golden. Nice to meet you :)

I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. I spent the majority of my first 21 years of life there.

After I graduated college, I felt like I had more to learn, so I moved to Phoenix, Arizona. I took a few classes at an alternative healing type of school and worked at a law firm.

I didn’t find what I was looking for after I moved. There was a nagging thought lingering in the back of my mind that there was more for me out there than this.

So I decided to get rid of all my stuff and I booked a one-way ticket to New Zealand. I had $1,000 to my name.

I spent 8 months there. Then I moved to Australia for another 8 months. During that time I took my grandmother to Italy, her parents’ home country. Next it was a few months in Southeast Asia.

After backpacking through Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, I headed back to the U.S.

I knew that I wanted to keep traveling but I wasn’t trying to work and save and then travel like I did in Australia and New Zealand. I crashed at my parents’ house for six months until I figured out a way to work online and support my travels.

From there, it was Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Like in Asia, most of those travels were done overland.

One country stood out to me. One country felt like home. Colombia.

I gave in to the urge to settle there and found an apartment in Medellin. There I met my husband, Dwayne. He wanted to move back to the U.S. to get married and start a family.

After a total of 6.5 years traveling and living overseas, I was officially moving back to the U.S. That’s when I stopped blogging.

Now we’re moving back to Colombia as a family – me, my husband and our son, D3. We’re hanging out there for a few months before we hit the road again.

Thanks for joining me on our new adventures. 

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