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San Marcos La Laguna

San Marcos La Laguna is a pretty, small, spiritually oriented pueblo on the banks of Lago Atitlan. However, those who wish to pursue spiritual matters should come with a pocket full of cash as well. There are less amenities than in other pueblos (for example, there is no ATM machine here) and accommodation costs a lot more. I only stayed for one night as I want to get to Xela, get a little settled, and be able to work a bit more than I have been.


San Pedro La Laguna Day 5

Tomorrow is my last day in San Pedro La Laguna around Lago Atitlan.  San Pedro is a place with two vastly different worlds… in the tourist sector, it’s billed as being a hub for drugs.  Which I’m sure it is.  However, the day after I came here, I started taking Spanish lessons and I moved...


Panajachel and San Pedro La Laguna

Tonight is my first night in San Pedro La Laguna. I came over on a small lancha this afternoon. As soon as I walked up the small hill, I met a guy who works in the tourism industry. He brought me to a nice place that I'm staying in now with a hammock and beautiful views. Then he started telling me about a Spanish school in the area.