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I’m on Squidoo!

I'm constantly looking for ways to promote my blog and to earn money online.  I recently came across Squidoo, a website that lets you create your one web page (or lens) for free, and they advertise on the site and you profit from it.  I've seen some positive reviews on forums from people saying they can make quite a bit on this site.  Does anybody reading this have


My Favorite Travel Quote

A subject to which few intellectuals ever give a thought is the right to be a vagrant, the freedom to wander. Yet vagrancy is deliverance, and life on the open road is the essence of freedom. To have the courage to smash the chains with which modern life has weighted us (under the pretext that it was offering us more liberty), then to take up the symbolic stick and bundle, and get out! The healthy wayfarer sitting beside the road scanning the horizon open before him, is he not the absolute master of the earth, the waters, even the sky?… His estate has no limits, his empire no law. No work bends him toward the ground, for the bounty and beauty of the earth are already his.