Up Close and Personal: Vietnam

Creating this blog has made me think about all the awesome, memorable times I’ve had on my travels.  My favorite experiences are always mingling with locals and my experience with animals (riding elephants, laying with tigers, feeding wild monkeys, holding snakes, etc.).

Cua Dai Beach

One of my favorite memories is when I was in Hoi An, Vietnam.  Every day I would take a motorbike to Cua Dai Beach and chill.  It was low season for tourists, which I always prefer, so there weren’t that many people around.  On one of the days I went, there was a local fishing event/celebration.  There were at least a thousand Vietnamese people from the surrounding area playing games on the beach, having contests, and racing each other.  Most of the other foreigners decided to stay where they were, but I’m naturally curious and I wandered over to get in the mix of things.  I attracted a lot of stares, and kids looked at me like I was an apparition.  One mom attempted to hand her kid over to me to hold, but I think the little girl was pretty freaked out.  She had probably never seen a foreigner before :)

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