Best of Melbourne, Australia

I lived in Melbourne, Australia for about 4 months, from November 2008 to March 2009 and then again in July 2009.  Melbourne has been my favorite city to live in so far, and here’s why:

1.       The vibe – Melbourne has only about 500,000 less people than Sydney, making it Australia’s second largest city.  To me, Sydney felt impersonal and charmless.  I love Melbourne because even though it’s a huge city, everyone exhibits the friendliness that Aussies are known for.  This city is definitely Australia’s cultural center, and with so many art exhibits, sports events, and shows to see, it’s easy to soak up the exciting energy that pulses through Melbourne and find something new to do every day you’re there.

2.       The neighborhoods – In Melbourne, there is a neighborhood to suit everyone’s taste.  Want to do buy some designer clothes?  Try strolling down Chapel Street, which extends from South Yarra to Windsor.  Like Italian food and Italian boys?  Head to Lygon Street in Carlton.  Do you prefer a fun neighborhood with a lively beach scene during the summer?  Take the 96 tram to St. Kilda.  Maybe you’re a vegetarian and you’re into a bohemian scene?  Check out Fitzroy.  The possibilities are endless…

3.       The cafes – One of my favorite things to do is wile away the time in a café, reading or staring into the bottom of my soy mocha.  Melbourne has such a vibrant café scene, and it’s one of my favorite things about this city.  Just like the neighborhoods, there is a café (or 10) to suit everyone’s style.  My favorite café is the Crying Tiger in Prahran off Greville Street.

My Map of Melbourne:

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