The Painted Parties – Jouvay and Blue Devils

So my sister and I got in to Trinidad at about 9 pm, went to our family’s house, tried to sleep but couldn’t really, then left the house in our old clothes at about 4 am to go to J’ouvert.  We got paint splashed on us and colored powder thrown on us as we danced down the streets of Port of Spain for the next 5 hours and watched the sun come up in a heaving mass of thousands.  I had the time of my life :)

We went to see the Blue Devils in a town on top of a hill called Paramin on Monday night.  I can’t explain the significance, but some of the local people paint themselves in blue and design scary costumes and you have to give them money or else they’ll scare you and rub blue paint on you.  All types of people participate, young to old, and they’re accompanied by drummers that sustain the beat (the video quality isn’t great, but you can hear the beat here).  Some of them spit on themselves or carry around huge red toads on their head.  It’s a pretty intense vibe.

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