Copan Ruinas and Tela

After I left Xela, I spent the night in Antigua, Guatemala.  I’ve been there before, so I was literally only there for 12 hours.  Then I caught a bus to Copan, Honduras.  It’s a small, cute town a short walk from the ruins.  The first day I spent basically doing some work and sleeping, as I had to wake up at 4 a.m. to leave Antigua for a six-hour bus ride.  The next day I went to the ruins early in the morning.  Not to sound like a travel snob, but I’m definitely spoiled by the Temples of Angkor.  I was mostly underwhelmed by these ruins.  However, one thing that IS really, really impressive is the fact that they were built in the 400s.  Wow.

I had been craving the beach, so I took a bus to Tela on the northern coast of Honduras.  For some reason I thought that it was a smallish, sleep beach town.  I was definitely wrong.  On Sunday, the beach was cram packed with families and garbage.  When I arrived into Honduras, I thought it would be a bit less conservative than Guatemala because the women were wearing strapless shirts and shorts.  I was extremely surprised when I got to the beach and saw that no one was wearing bathing suits; everyone went swimming in their clothes.  Noooooo!  As I saw it, I had a few options: I could attract lots of unwanted attention and strip down to my bikini (no thanks, I’m not a big fan of feeling like a porn star in front of families); go swimming in my clothes (I’m from Florida, I think this would be illegal for me to do); or find an empty stretch of beach and take a quick dip.  I chose the latter and managed to avoid feeling like a heathen while enjoying the beach the way I like.  The town center was practically deserted after sun set.  I went outside for awhile because my room was sweltering hot, and a guard, or vigilante as they’re called here, invited me to sit in a chair next to him.  We chatted for a couple hours, and he told me a bit about the city, the crime, and God.  I listened politely.

I wouldn’t really recommend Tela… it’s dodgy at night and I didn’t find the people to be friendly or open.  The beach has a lot of garbage, but if you walk over the bridge far enough to the left, you can find a cleaner part.  However, I will say that there are quite a few attractive men walking around, due to the grand mixing that goes on here with the Garifunas and other Honduran groups.

Tomorrow I’m heading out to Comayagua.  I really want to find a spot to clear my head for a few days, and hopefully spend less money.  The past few days I’ve been zipping around so much and paying too much for bus fares and what not.  Here are a few pictures of the ruins below and one of my favorite foods in Central America, pupusas.

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