Leon, Nicaragua

Hola! So I managed to get a bus straight from Tegucigalpa to Leon and didn’t have to stop in Managua. After lots of looking around, I found a laid back hostel to chill in for a few days (it’s been almost a week now). The town itself is pretty chill. There’s heaps of schools and universities around. It actually feels like everyone who lives here is between 14 and 22 years old. It also feels like a really safe city, which is so nice after the past couple of months. I’d feel comfortable wandering around at night alone – can’t say that about anywhere else I’ve been in this area really.

There’s also a really nice art gallery here. I checked out the revolutionary museum, which is really low budget but all the guys who work there are veterans and that aspect is cool. I asked my guide if he was in any photos, and he pointed to himself holding a huge gun at the age of 14.

I thought I might stick around here for awhile, but the truth is I’m really anxious to get to South America, especially Colombia. I could take my time, exploring every corner of every country on the way. But I don’t feel like it. I want to be in a vibrant, beautiful, alive city for awhile. Today I tried to make a list of my travel goals for this year. Travel goals? Yeah… because sometimes I feel a bit scattered and ask myself why am I doing what I’m doing. But I have my reasons! So I’d like to be fluent(ish) in Spanish by Christmas, which I think is doable. I’d also like to live in 2 different cities long term (2-3 months). I’m thinking one in Colombia and then Buenos Aires. I’d also like to learn to salsa. I love dancing, and I hate feeling incompetent when a salsa song comes on. So yeah, that’s me right now. Maybe I will return to the region, but probably not. South America just sounds so ME right now. So maybe in a month or so. I’ll hit a couple coastal towns in Nicaragua, drive straight through Costa Rica (not interested) and spend a few weeks in Panama. Then catch a flight to Colombia. Yeay!

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