Daily Travel Budget: Medellín, Colombia

I know travel budget information on the internet and in travel guidebooks tends to be out of date. This post is for travelers and backpackers who are planning to come to Colombia, Medellín in particular, and want a basic idea of how much it will cost.

Dorm in a Hostel: $9 to $11
Private Room in a Hostel: $15+

Arepa from a Street Vendor: $1
Cup of Tinto:  less than 50 cents
Empanada: 75 cents
Loaf of Fresh Bread: 50 cents to $1
Menu of the Day for Lunch: $4
Pizza for Delivery: $5 to $10 depending on size and company
Soda: $1
Veggie Lasagna at Govinda’s: $2.50

Bus to Santa Fe de Antioquia: $4 to $5
Ride on the Metro: 80 cents
Taxi Fare: starts at $1, average trip $2.50 to $6 depending on distances

Average Daily Travel Budget
Extremely frugal travelers who stay in the cheapest dorms, buy their food at the grocery, and ride the metro twice a day can get by on $15 per day.

A budget of $25 per day would let you splurge on a taxi ride, take in a museum, and maybe eat a meal out in a restaurant.

Those who want to stay in a private room, eat the majority of their meals out, go shopping, visit a few sites, use taxis, etc would need to budget much more. Nights out can get expensive, with some of the better clubs charging $5 or more for entry, plus cab fare and cost of drinks.

Disclaimer: These are rough estimates from my experience and memory in June 2010 and should be used as a guide only.

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