Medellín Week 1

Time has been flying since I got to Medellín. I’m still getting to know the city. I wander around different parts of town, asking myself if I could love this city. Could I live here? What would I do on Sundays? What would be my favorite café? What park would I go to to zone out and people watch? To tell you the truth, I do the same thing with men. Sometimes I look at random men and ask myself if I could love them, or who loves them. Who calls them? Who do they eat dinner with? Who do they think about?

gardin botanico Medellin
botanic gardens

I’ve had to work a lot the past few days, so I haven’t gotten much of a chance to explore the city like I want. One of my new favorite spots though is the botanic gardens off the University metro stop. I was pleasantly surprised when I wandered through the park. I intended on staying an hour and left after four. It’s the perfect chill-out spot… except for all the couples making out.

Speaking of couples… What. The. Hell. How is it possible that 99% of the population is in a relationship? I’ve never felt so single in my life! Not that I mind – I’m quite accustomed to being single. Not that I would mind getting to know a nice Colombian guy while I’m here. :)  Might be hard though since they all seem to be married!

I am always pleased and humbled by the politeness and friendliness of the people here. I feel quite comfortable asking anyone I see for help or directions. It’s so nice to live in such a non-hostile, relaxed environment. In my mind, I have committed to staying in this city for a month or more. However, it’s a totally different thing to be a backpacker than to be a semi-resident. I’ll need to build a life here so I can enjoy myself. A city can feel really lonely without friends, especially somewhere like Medellin where there’s so much to do.

Medellin metrocable
shot of the city from the metrocable

In other news, I finally got a haircut today. I’ve needed one for about 2 months now, but I’ve been too afraid because I feel like my Spanish is inferior. I woke up this morning with a burning desire to get it taken care of. I was hoping to find an empty salon because sometimes I feel anxious speaking Spanish when a lot of people are around. Of course, it was packed. I decided to suck it up, stop being a _______, and see what happened. Long story short, I came out with a decent haircut. Not exactly what I wanted, but I didn’t walk out with a red fro either. Luckily I won’t need another one for another 2 months, and hopefully I’ll have some hair vocabulary memorized by then.

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