Panama City

I finally found a beautiful hostel in Panama City. It was pricey, but I was able to counteract the costs since there was a grocery store a couple blocks away. I really didn’t do much in Panama City except walk around a few areas and work a bit as well.

I went with expectations to Panama City, which is always a mistake. It wasn’t as exciting as I had thought, and I still felt the lack of the x factor that I have in the other Central American countries south of Guatemala, so I decided to head to Colombia.

Here are some photos from Casco Viejo, a really old section of Panama. It used to be really regal, and then people left the area to move elsewhere. Right now they’re redoing a lot of the older buildings, so there’s an interesting mix of crumbled and brand new spots to look at. It’s a bit dodgy if you stray too far from the center, but it’s pretty fun to wander around for the day.

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