I Like Fat Art | Medellin, Colombia

So I’m still in Medellín. I think I’ve been here about three weeks now in the same hostel. The thing about long-term, round-the-world travel is that, for me, it gets really tiring actively backpacking, changing cities every few days. So it’s nice to unpack sometimes. However, of late there have been some unfriendly girls visiting the hostel, which I don’t like. Because I feel like I live here, I feel a bit possessive of the place and so I really dislike when the people that visit the owners are unfriendly. That’s my glaring defect of the week :)

Botero Plaza Medellin Colombia Museo de Antioquia
Botero Plaza outside of the Museo de Antioquia

The other day I finally went to the Museo de Antioquia, which I pass all the time but have never gone in. It’s probably one of the coolest, most modern art galleries I’ve been to. They had a really awesome display on the first floor with hanging TV screens that showed different types of Latin dances along with the corresponding music, like merengue, salsa, tango, cumbia, all kinds. They highlighted the African, European, and indigenous influences on the music as well.

On the second floor, they had a collection of religious art, which I don’t really like. I think it’s too dark and the baby faces that look like old men creep me out. There was this guy working on the second floor who started following me around talking to me, pointing out art styles I didn’t like. Then he started pointing at different characters in paintings and telling me that it was him or his grandmother or whoever. Funny.

Botero sculpture Museo de Antioquia Medellin Colombia
Botero sculpture

After I escaped from the second floor, I found lots of sculptures and paintings by Fernando Botero, a super-famous Colombian artist from Medellin. His work is different in that all of his figures, including people, animals, even food, is fat. A couple of posts earlier, I talked about the Botero plaza with all the massive statues. I finally took a few photos from the upper levels of the museum. Some of his most notable paintings are the one of a fat Pablo Escobar being shot, and a few fat Jesuses too.

I wanted to take a break from the city for a couple days, so I went to Santa Fe de Antioquia. More about that next post…

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