The Cutest Pueblo In Antioquia

Santa Fe de Antioquia is the cutest colonial style pueblo I’ve been to so far. So cute I want to shrink it and carry it around in my pocket. I know that’s a weird thing to say, but that’s how I feel when I see something really cute.

Iglesia de Chiquinquirá Santa Fe de Antioquia Colombia
Iglesia de Chiquinquirá

The bus ride was uncomfortable, as I was sitting next to a woman and her 9-year-old child on her lap, and she kept digging in my side with her elbow every time she went into her purse, which I think was about 5,632 times. However, my luck was better than the ones forced to stand in the aisles while the driver whipped around the mountains’ curves. Standing on a bus like that is more like surfing, or what I would imagine surfing to be like, except without a board and the ocean. But I think the movements are the same.

There isn’t too much to do in Santa Fe except take photos and wander around, looking at the churches and the old buildings. The central park is a lively scene, with lots of artisan products for sale, bakeries, restaurants, and grocery stores surrounding it. There’s also a well-kept museum that costs 50 cents to enter. There was a cool exhibit called the Damas del Silencio (Women of Silence) comprised of a collection of paintings portraying women in different lights. They even exhibited the bed of the doctor of Simon Bolivar.

fire hydrant Santa Fe de Antioquia Colombia
something else I'd like to keep in my pocket

One of the most bizarre things I saw was a man lying flat on his face with all his limbs sprawled out in the middle of a busy(ish) sidewalk. “Um, is he dead?” I thought to myself. Flies were starting to gather around his head. But no one looked alarmed. I was interested to see how this scene would play out. Then I heard two women in front of me talking who saw the man too, and the unmistakable “borracho” escaped from their lips. A ha. So it’s not a dead body, he’s just highly intoxicated.

By the way, I must say the word “borracho” is one of my favorites in Spanish… the double “r” just rolls so nicely off the tongue, and it’s a word that you can exclaim loudly with an extra emphasis on the “r”, making it even more fun to say – BORRRRRRACHO!

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