Top Bogota Veg Picks of the Week

Even though I went to Medellin this week to pick up a care package my family sent me (thanks guys!), I still managed to hit up a couple of different vegetarian restaurants in Bogota this past week.

Maha: Carrera 7, #46 – 42

Maha Vegetarian Restaurant Bogota Colombia
the impressive Mexican fajita

This is my new favorite place to eat in Bogota. Their menu was sent straight from the vegetarian dreamland. Not only do they have the usual menu of the day, but they also have a ton of other options like sandwiches, Mexican, Asian, different types of vegetarian hamburgers, Italian, and alternative cocktails (alcohol free). I went for the Mexican fajita, which satisfied my eternal craving for Mexican food for that day. Head upstairs to eat, they have cool Asian seating and this awesome mural:

Maha Vegetarian Restaurant Bogota Colombia
the cool mural

Sabyi: Carrera 24, #86A-40, Polo Club

Sabyi vegetarian restaurant Bogota Colombia
menu of the day at Sabyi

Sabyi is found in Bogota’s exclusive Polo Club neighborhood. Unfortunately, it’s menu prices match the cost of the surrounding barrio, with this set menu costing almost 10,000 pesos, or $5 USD. On the plus side, they have their own brand of vegetarian products and they’re open on Sundays!

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