Where To Have Your Despedida on a Tuesday Night in Medellin

Where To Have Your Despedida on a Tuesday Night in Medellin

Tuesday night sounds like an unfortunate day of the week to throw your farewell bash, or despedida. But if you know the city well enough, you can find fun any night of the week.

Though I’m accustomed to slipping out of a city undetected without any exaggerated good-byes, I’ve been in Medellin for so long and have accumulated a nice group of friends that I was inspired to throw myself a last hurrah – after all, I’ll be gone a whole 22 days!

Dinner: Ciao Pizza y Orale

Ciao Pizza y Orale Medellin Colombia

I rarely eat at a restaurant that offers more than one type of food, especially from different continents. To me, I feel like both genres will be mediocre as opposed to focusing on one and making it mind-blowing. However, Ciao Pizza y Orale offers up some amazing and reasonably priced Mexican food and pizzas, making it the perfect place for my last dinner.

Address: Carrera 43b #10-49, Poblado

Drinks: Jamrock

Jamrock Medellin


Jamrock Bar Medellin

Jamrock offers 2 for 1 cocktails at 14,000 COP and the best music in Poblado. The fact that it’s open 7 days a week makes Jamrock a fool-proof place for the pre-party or just a chill night. Plus I’ll pretty much hang out anywhere that has Bob Marley posters on the wall.

Address: Carrera 37A #8A-19, Poblado

Dancing: El Eslabon Prendido

The last stop was El Eslabon Prendido, one of the most popular salsa bars in the city. On Tuesday nights, this bar is brimming with sweaty salsa school students and pros looking for dance partners. This is the best spot to practice your spins to the beat of a live band while trying not to step on anyone’s toes.

Address: Calle 53 #42-55, Centro

Where would you have your despedida in Medellin? Share your favorite spots in the comments below.

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