All Smiles at the Flower Festival in Medellin [Photos]

All Smiles at the Flower Festival in Medellin [Photos]

We are in the midst of the best week of the year here in Medellin, the Flower Festival, or Feria de las Flores. Aside from music performances, extravagant flower displays, and lots of handicrafts for sale, the best part of the week is the parades.

On Tuesday, during the Desfile de los Silleteros, I was eager to get some great shots with my new camera. I stood on a plastic chair that I bought for about $5 (groan) and took over 2000 photos.

Just like a 4-year-old who scribbled a work of art with crayons for his mommy and daddy, I am excited to show off my photos and give you a peek at one of my favorite events in the world.

Out of 2000 shots, it was impossible to select just a few for one photo essay, so I’ve decided to make it a series. This one is called “Smiles”. Enjoy!

Medellin flower festival

representing Barranquilla

festival of flowers Medellin

thumbs up

Medellin flower festival 2012

laughs all around

cutest girl at the parade

waiting for his round of applause

feria de las flores Medellin 2012

even with a monster flower display on my back, I can still smile

Orgullo Paisa

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