How Important is the View?

How Important is the View?

I’ve been looking for a new apartment for a couple of months now. The one I live in is great, but I’m outgrowing it. It came furnished, and I’m ready to buy my own stuff.

I’m ready to replace the horrid orange couch, worn and stained by too many dog licks.

I want to feel like a more permanent resident of the city and not just a temporary vistor.

Luna and Batman couch
Luna and Batman on the couch

In my current building, I’m not technically allowed to own a pit bull, and my puppy’s 60-pound body is becoming more noticeable every day.

The search for a new place has been taking forever because of several factors. First of all, it’s very difficult to get a realtor to call you back here. Then there are those who really don’t want to deal with a foreigner.

I’m also looking for a place close to where I live now. I like my neighborhood and don’t really want to leave it.

The apartments I’ve seen thus far all have one fatal flaw in common – there is no view.

Yesterday, I went to look at a new apartment building I’ve been lusting after since it started going up. I walked in and immediately felt that this is my dream apartment. The floor-to-ceiling windows. The dark wood, the ultra modern furnishings, the common areas. It’s all perfect.

Except for that one fatal flaw. The one-bedroom apartment available is on the 5th floor. I have a view of nothing except the building directly in front of it, it’s tinted windows obscuring anyone who might be staring back at me from the other side.

Some people who live here don’t really care about the view. They’re happy to be living in a nice apartment in a nice neighborhood close to everything.

my office
my current office

But for me… it’s just not enough.

The views of this city inspire me. They make me want to achieve something big. They remind me where I am.

I admire these majestic mountains every day. I don’t want to sacrifice one of my favorite parts of the city for a good deal.

What about you? Would you care about having an apartment with a view?

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