The Dogs of Jardin, Antioquia [Photo Essay]

The Dogs of Jardin, Antioquia [Photo Essay]

I haven’t been taking many photos lately.

While I was studying photography at a local school here, I loved going on little excursions, taking photos, and loading them up on my computer to see what I produced.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been so into my work, or because I haven’t been traveling much, that I’ve been uninspired.

So when we went on an impromptu trip to Jardin, one of my favorite pueblos in Colombia, I packed my camera and focused on one subject in particular – stray dogs.

Jardin, Antioquia dogs

I was lucky enough to find this little guy right before we left.

Jardin stray dog

Love the soulful eyes of this dog.


I found Lupita after taking the metrocable to the top of the mountain. What a natural!

Jardin Antioquia dogs in the street

Street dogs

horseback riding in Jardin

A bonus picture – these kids were having a blast riding this horse around the park.

Reader Question: What’s your favorite animal to take pictures of?

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