Highlights of Medellin’s 2013 Flower Festival in Photos

Presenting the best of Medellin’s Antique Car Parade, Horse Parade, and Flower Parade!

If these photos don’t make you want to come to Medellin, I don’t know what will :)

Antique Car Parade (Desfile de Autos Clásicos y Antiguos)

army car getting sprayed

Military car getting sprayed by foam

Car parade

2-Car Show 2013-48

dancing in the back of a car

2-Car Show 2013-95

dressed the part

Horse Parade (Cabalgatta)

police horse parade

Police on horseback trying to keep the drunkies in line

2-Cabalgatta August 2013 - 3007

stealing a kiss

2-Cabalgatta August 2013 - 3033

kids participating in the parade

2-Cabalgatta August 2013 - 3072


2-Cabalgatta August 2013 - 3105


Flower Parade (Desfile de Silleteros)

2-Desfile de Silleteros 2013-13

beautiful flower arrangement

2-Desfile de Silleteros 2013-24


2-Desfile de Silleteros 2013-91

bird’s eye view

2-Desfile de Silleteros 2013-143

amazing how much energy she had with that heavy arrangement on her back

2-Desfile de Silleteros 2013-274


2-Desfile de Silleteros 2013-463

flirting and flipping

2-Desfile de Silleteros 2013-635


2-Desfile de Silleteros 2013-642

love the faces

2-Desfile de Silleteros 2013-646

What was your favorite part of this year’s flower festival?

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